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Recent Highlights

- Skylight available again -
After being sold out for nearly a year, Skylight, my first CD, is available again. It can be ordered directly from me, and will soon be available, along with Lifeline, at CD Baby.

- Performing Buddies –
I love solo performing, but even more, I love making music with other people. The Orange Line Trio with Maria "Pete" Durgan on bass and Kirby Yarbrough on drums and percussion is still going strong. I've recently reconnected with old friend Ted Kastelic, a great folk and blues player from San Jose, and Steve Hulslander, a great performer and songwriter with whom I learned to play guitar an ummentionable number of years ago. Drew Holland, a DC-area classic country and Rockabilly whiz shares the stage whenever we can make our schedules match up. And finally, I've landed the rhythm guitar gig with the Loudoun Jazz Ensemble, an 18-piece big band that can tear the roof off the joint! Lots of music happening, so keep an eye on the Schedule page!

- Need a guitar player? –
Lately, I've been fortunate enought to have backed a number of people you may know in performance, in the studio and at various "industry" showcases, including Sue Trainor (Hot Soup) Stephanie Corby, Michael Bowers and Siobhan Quinn (separately and together), Vicki Russell, Amelia Spicer, Lisa Taylor, Doug Alan Wilcox, Brita Lee Shain, Corrine West, and most recently, the incomparable Sally Spring. Im a quick study and can support a range of styles from blues, jazz and swing to Celtic fingerstyle. If youd like to explore this, contact me at the link to the left.



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