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I'm available as a solo performer, in trio format with Kirby Yarbrough on percussion and Maria “Pete” Durgin on bass. Contact me at

Reviews and Comments

"The 2001 CD, titled LIFELINE, isn't for the shallow, glib person. These tunes cut deep. The listener is caught off guard as emotions gush forth, forcing one to feel, ache, and relate. Indifference is impossible, weeping is probable."
~ Dianne Gibbs, Alexandria Old Town Crier. Oct 2, 2002

"Writes excellent grown-up pop songs and delivers them with passion."
~The Washington Post

"Jerry Bresee is terrific!"
~Tom Paxton

"A charismatic performer who plays 'industrial strength' guitar and writes songs that the workaday crowd can easily relate to."
~Kelson Slayman
Folk at the Cannery, Dataw Island SC


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